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Say it to them, too.

During one of my recent post surgical follow up appointments, the doctor and I got to talking about someone we both know who also works in the school where I teach.  The doctor and I said exceedingly kind things about this person, so as soon as I returned to my car, I called the person and  played back the conversation for them as best as I could remember.

Last week, I was extolling the skills and talent of a storyteller with whom I work. I explained to Elysha what makes this particular storyteller so effective, then I immediately called the storyteller to tell her exactly what I said.

Just before Christmas, a friend and I were speaking in glowing terms about the generosity of a mutual friend. In the midst of that conversation, I texted our friend to tell him what was being said.

Whenever I can, I like tell the person about whom compliments are being spoken about those compliments because I think we all deserve to know when kind things are being said about us.

It’s why funerals infuriate me so much (in addition to the sadness of the loss and the blatant reminder of immortality). People wait until their loved one is gone before speaking in their most glowing terms about the deceased. Sadly, we don’t often hear some of the kindest, most generous things said about us, because so often, those words are being spoken outside our presence.

Nothing makes a person happier than hearing that two people were speaking about them in glowing terms, absent any attempt to make them feel good or ingratiate themselves to the bearer of the compliment in any way.

Just two people, speaking highly of another, outside their presence.

Sort of like Tom Sawyer attending his own funeral, but in smaller, hopefully more frequent doses.

It’s not often in life that you’re greeted in life with such a joyous, perfect surprise. People are thrilled to hear the news. They often thank me profusely. Oftentimes I can hear the stunned happiness in their voice.

It’s something I have been doing for a long time. I highly recommend it.

Maybe make it a one of your New Year’s resolutions.