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Soap is an odd thing.

Spend an evening at a friend or relative’s home. Sleep in their guest room or on the couch. Wake up in the morning.  Climb out of bed.  Head to the bathroom.

Remove your pajamas. Turn on the water.  Step into the tub and reach for the bar of soap in the porcelain dish alongside the bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

Lather up.

Lather up with the same bar of soap that untold others have also rubbed over the most private parts of their body.

It’s odd. Right?

People are more willing to share a random bar of soap with an untold number of strangers than a pair of clean underwear with a lifelong friend, even though the process of using soap involves rubbing the wet, slippery, previously used bar over every inch of a person’s body.

Sure, it makes you nice and clean, but there is no telling who used the soap last or what part of the body is was last used upon.

And I realize that many people who never think of doing such a thing, but many have. Even if the idea disgusts you today, you may have done it in the past.

You probably did it at some point in the past.

But the thought of borrowing a pair of underwear from a friend?

Beyond the pale.

It’s odd. Right?