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Napkins 2.0

It was Charlie’s turn to set the table. He decided to do things a little differently. Rather than placing functional napkins at each place setting, he opted to design personalized napkins in the shape of hearts and the lightning bolt scar on the forehead of Harry Potter.

I’ve never been so delighted by a napkin before.

The way that children see the world, and especially the way they envision a new and improved version of the world, never ceases to amaze me. They posses an original vision of things that adults often can’t begin to imagine with our stubbornly fixed mindsets and tragically practical decision making. Kids see beyond what has already been done to something entirely new and unique.

Oftentimes, it doesn’t take much.

Admittedly, the napkins didn’t exactly do the job. Elysha and I required the more traditional formulation of a napkin while eating the meal.

Also, Charlie left the remnant of his creations, along with the scissors, on the table and floor because that is how he currently rolls.

So there is certainly room for improvement.

But the smiles generated from Charlie’s napkins were priceless.