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I don’t think anyone should spend the exorbitant shipping costs to have my new book, Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, sent from the UK or Australia to the US.

The book is coming out in America in August. That’s only six months away. 

Besides, the UK version of the book is slightly different than the United States edition. Language was changed to better suit slight differences in British vocabulary.

Not many changes, but some.

So just wait, my American friends. While I am honored and humbled by your anxious support, the book will be in a store near you soon enough.

Or you can preorder it from any retailer that sells books. Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or best of all, go to IndieBound and preorder from your local, independent bookstore. Preorders are great for authors.

Publishers love those sales already in the bank.

So when an American reader who I only know through social media is excited enough to order the book from the UK and have it shipped to his home in the United States despite the expense, I think that’s pretty special. 

And when that reader photographs his newly-arrived book, still resting on its bed of bubble wrap, and sends the image to me, I think that’s pretty amazing.

That’s what I’m grateful for tonight:

Readers who go out of their way to support authors and make them feel exceptionally fortunate to have them on their side.