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Make a Wish founder had a very interesting, storyworthy life

In the spirit of celebrating people who make things, I give you, Frank Shankwitz, former motorcycle cop, near-death survivor, veteran of the United States Air Force, kidnapping victim, and Founder of Make-a-Wish.

Shankwitz died back in February at the age of 77.

Shankwitz founded Make-a-Wish after meeting Chris Greicius, a seven year-old boy with end-stage leukemia who wanted to be a motorcycle cop when he grew up, just like Ponch and Jon, the main characters on his favorite television show, CHiPs.

Shankwitz, an Arizona Highway Patrol officer at the time, alongside his police department, made that dream come true days before the boy’s death.

He launched Make-a-Wish shortly thereafter.

But this is only part of the amazing story of Shankwitz’s life. The New York Times published an obituary that I suggest you stop and read right now.

It won’t take long, and you’ll be so glad you did.