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Kung Fu Fighting Dance Party

Pay attention to the little things. Remember them. Record them so you will always have them. They are more precious than you could ever imagine.

Last night, I introduced Charlie to Carl Douglas’s “Kung Fu Fighting” for the first time. For the next three minutes, Charlie and I danced around the kitchen and laughed. He thought the song and lyrics were hilarious because they are.

Then we played it again and danced again, jumping off stools, barrel rolling on the floor, and doing our best impressions of kung fu fighters.

Then we called Clara downstairs and played it again for her. In seconds, she was dancing with us, too. Laughing and dancing.

I never want to forget it:

The night the kids and I had a “Kung Fu Fighting” dance party in the kitchen.

But it’s also the kind of thing you will absolutely, positively forget if you make no attempt to hold onto these moments forever. Preserve them. Cling to them like the treasures they are.

I hold onto these moments using Homework For Life.

You should, too. I can’t recommend it highly enough.