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When I’m standing in line at 7-11, watching as someone purchases $20 or 50$ or sometimes $100 in lottery tickets and scratch cards, I desperately want to say:

“Listen. Investing has been democratized. You can purchase stocks today with no fees from the convenience of your phone. Fractional shares, too. Let me download the Robinhood or TD Ameritrade app onto your phone and show you. You can purchase $20 or 50$ or $100 in a safe, reliable company like Apple or Mastercard or Amazon or McCormick and get a solid return on investment. Very little risk. Or maybe just purchase an ETF that tracks the S&P. Either way, invest for your future. Don’t throw your money away on the stupid dumbass inane lottery.”

I’m dying to say this. I suspect that someday I might. Watching people throw away money when the financial markets have been opened to the masses makes me crazy.

I’ve never actually purchased a lottery ticket or scratch card in my life, so I am admittedly biased, but I also have math on my side.