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I have a brilliant friend who is unmotivated.

Check that. The guy has a good job that he does well. He owns his own home and has a retirement plan in place.

He has his life together.

But coming from the perspective of a guy with a teaching career, a writing career, a small ministerial career, as well as the owner of a small business(and the desire to become a life coach and a jumper-talker-downer as well), I feel like he is wasting his talents.

Unsurprisingly, he disagrees.

One of our mutual friends find his lack of motivation baffling, so I put a list of reasons why he is unmotivated.

I have since reviewed the life with my friend and he concedes all points. And it occurs to me that it is a fairly comprehensive list of reasons why someone might not be motivated.

Here is the list:

  1. He was adored by his parents and raised in a loving and supportive household, therefore he does not feel the need to prove his worth to the world.
  2. He was an only child. Therefore he did not need to compete for attention at a young age.
  3. He does not place a high value on material possessions. He is content with simple pleasures.
  4. While not financially well off, he is financially secure.
  5. He possesses a strong sense of self and cares little for what others may think of him.
  6. He is divorced with no intention of remarrying, so he has no need to impress a woman.

It really is the perfect storm for contentment, or from my perspective, a lack of motivation.

Anything from the list that I might be missing?