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I want less Chipotle

Customers have recently been accusing Chipotle of skimping on food portions and have started a trend of filming Chipotle employees as they built out their burrito orders in an effort to get larger scoops.

The trend – dubbed the “Chipotle phone method” – went viral on social media, but some employees have resisted it, saying customers filming them was “stressful and dehumanizing.”

I agree. It’s a jackass move. A lowlife bit of nonsense committed by monsters who have never worked in the service industry or are afflicted by insufferable entitlement syndrome.

A common ailment these days.

Chipotle’s CEO Brian Niccol addressed the issue:

“The portions have not gotten smaller. We always want to give people big portions that get them excited about the food.” He added that if a customer wants a little more of any ingredient, they can simply ask an employee.

In response to the allegations that portion sizes are decreasing, a Wells Fargo analyst recently purchased 75 identical bowls from eight Chipotle locations in New York City and found a wide variance in portion size. Some locations served bowls that weighed 33% more than others, with one bowl topping out at 27 ounces and another weighing just 14 ounces.

The median weight was around 21.5 ounces.

So perhaps some standardization at Chipotle is in order, but when you’re scooping food, it’s impossible to be precise.

Here’s my complaint:

I wouldn’t mind smaller portions from Chipotle.

I love their food, but their burritos and bowls are enormous. If I eat a Chipotle burrito or bowl for lunch, I’m often finished eating for the day. And though leftovers are fine, a Chipotle burrito or bowl is not nearly as good the next day.

Instead, I would love for Chipotle to begin selling half-size bowls and burritos.

Less food, please. Smaller portions.

Give me a lunch-sized burrito. A snack-sized bowl. Big portions are exciting when you’re preparing to summit a mountain or battle a grizzly bear, but otherwise, a more reasonable portion would make for an outstanding option and bring me to Chipotle more often.

Brian Niccols, are you listening?