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My latest endeavor: Hot Botties

As a storyteller, I’ve been asked to do some unexpected things.

I’ve served as the substitute minister for actual church services in actual churches in three different states.

I’ve taught Santa Clauses to tell better stories to the children sitting on their laps for photos.

I went to Canada to teach members of the Mohawk tribe tell better stories as they learned their native language.

I took 13 rabbis into the woods – some quite reluctantly – to teach them to tell better stories.

I once shouted out stories from the top of a table when the power went out and the only source of light were the flashlights of cell phones aimed at me.

I once told a story to magician David Blaine in the corner of a ballroom as he recorded it on his iPhone. He then performed an impossible magic trick for me that has me convinced that magic might be real.

I’ve consulted on marketing plans, sermons, TED Talks, screenplays, speeches, books, song lyrics, YouTube channels, comic books, and commercials. I work with hospitals, corporations, advertising forms, insurance companies, nonprofits, school districts, colleges and universities, and many more.

It’s been a crazy ride.

Newly added to my list of unexpected opportunities is this:

Hot Botties, a first-of-its-kind conversational NFT project by Ann Guo, founder of Mint Mentality LLC.

It’s essentially an NFT chat bot, offering an amusing and sexy interaction with its singular owner. Now available for purchase.

I was asked to do a little writing, a little revising, and a little consulting on character and dialogue.

When I told my first story on a stage back in July of 2010, I never expected to one day be writing sexy dialogue for non fungible tokens.

It’s a good lesson for all of us:

When you dive headfirst into something new, your expectations and reality are often two very different things.