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Charlie is officially a journalist. And publisher. And delivery person.

Earlier this week, he wrote the first edition of The Francis Drive Daily, a local newspaper featuring:

  1. A story about his sister’s obsession with an upcoming Disney movie
  2. Terrain and road conditions on our street
  3. Upcoming birthdays (his) and a clean-up day that he is organizing
  4. An advertisement for my most recent novel “The Other Mother”
  5. Some borrowed comics that he adores
  6. A weather update

After writing and printing, Charlie went door-to-door on our street, dropping off copies for all of our neighbors.

His “Daily” has since been converted to a weekly now that he understand the relentless pressure to publish every day.

As someone who has written a blog post every single day of his life since the spring of 2003 without missing a day, I get that.

Inspired by the first edition of the Francis Drive Daily, I began writing my first picture book of 2021 this week, and this morning, I submitted an Op-Ed to the New York Times. Little did Charlie know how his creation would stoke his father’s fire.

Maybe other fires, too. You never know how your actions might inspire others.

Even if Charlie¬† only produces one edition, I’ll be proud as hell of my boy. He made something. Brought something into this world that did not previously exist. Distributed it to an audience. Demanded to be heard.

It’s the kind of thing I would’ve loved to have done at his age had I possessed the capacity, know-how, and courage.

He may not remember this day very well when he is older, but I will never forget it.