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Do small things to be happy

Want to improve your mood? Increase your level of happiness?

There are some simple ways to do so. Remarkably simple ways. Scientifically proven ways.

The problem is that most people don’t believe in incrementalism. Rather than doing small things that produce small results that accumulate over time into something meaningful and real, they demand immediate fixes that produce enormous results.

If they can’t instantly feel the effects, then it can’t be real or can’t be worth the time or effort.

As in most things, tiny steps forward, compounded over time, will ultimately yield extraordinary results.

Want to be a happier person?

Do these things:

  1. Exercise. Even a little bit will make an enormous difference.
  2. Sleep better by making simple, better decisions about your sleep.
  3. Eat healthier (even a little bit).
  4. Increase the amount of light you receive daily.
  5. Spend more time in nature (which can simply be looking into a tree).
  6. Dance (in your kitchen, alone, if necessary).
  7. Volunteer.
  8. Pet a dog or cat.
  9. Listen to upbeat music.
  10. Laugh.
  11. Give a gift to someone.
  12. Walk (which also counts as exercise).
  13. Declutter your home. Even a little bit.
  14. Smile, even if you’re not happy.
  15. Hug someone (with consent).
  16. Actively think about what’s going well in your life.
  17. Say positive things about yourself to yourself, aloud, even if you don’t believe them.

You won’t instantly feel overwhelmed with joy.

Your disposition won’t shift immediately or suddenly.

You won’t achieve astounding heights of bliss.

But if you do some of these small things consistently, over a period of time, you will almost certainly feel happier.

Play the long game. The easy game. The game that produces real results.