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Do a lot of work

On the first day of class, photography students were divided into two groups:

On the left side was the quantity group. The professor told them their grades would be based on the total number of photos they took over the course of the semester.

On the right side was the quality group. They were told their grades would be based on the excellence of a single image they produced.

At the end of the term, University of Florida Professor Jerry Uelsmann was surprised to find that the best photos were actually taken by the quantity group. Not the students tasked with coming up with the perfect picture.

The lesson from this experiment – which I teach in my book “Someday Is Today” – is this:

Do a lot of work.
Don’t stop doing a lot of work.
Make as much stuff as you possibly can.
Make bad stuff and good stuff and everything in between.
Seek progress over perfection.