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Diaries of Note

Here’s my latest obsession, which should also be yours:

Diaries of Note

From the About page of the website:

Every day, beginning on January 1, 2023, a new (old) diary entry will be published on Diaries of Note, with each entry appearing on the same day and month as it was originally written.

Every single diarist will be different—nobody will appear twice—which means that by December 31, 2023, you will have been transported back in time by 365 people. Some will already be known to you; others you will be meeting for the first time.

Some entries will be no longer than a few words; others will need a little more of your attention.

I’ve been reading daily since mid-January, and it’s a delight.

Just this week I read a tragic entry written in 1910 by a famous (and doomed) Antarctic explorer, an 1838 entry from a pioneer woman in Oregon, and an 1847 entry about the famous Tom Thumb.

The dip into history has been joyous.

The things I’m learning about the past are fascinating.

But best of all, the ability of words to bring a long since deceased person back to life for a few moments is a constant, incessant reminder of their power when we are wise enough, committed enough, and relentless enough to share our lives with others and memorialize our days in print.