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Clara’s rules

Clara has posted rules in her bedroom that I just noticed. It’s an interesting and eclectic collection, mostly targeting her little brother:

  • No fake guns, fingers used as gun, etc.

Espousing nonviolence, even on a fictional level. Completely on-brand for Clara.

  • No talking for Anna. Only Clara can,

I had to ask about this one. Apparently Charlie likes to speak for Anna, Clara’s favorite doll. He’s probably making amusing and annoying comments that Anna would never make herself.

He probably gets this from me. It sounds hilarious.

However, being the feminist, Clara does not want any man (or boy) speaking on behalf of any woman (or girl) (or female doll). Women (and female dolls) can speak for themselves. Or at least voiced by female counterparts.

Also very on-brand for Clara.

  • Shut the door on the way out.

Reasonable given that she’s a pre-teen who reads more than she breathes and needs her peace and quiet.

  • If Clara says, “I want to be alone,” leave.

Aggressive but also reasonable.

  • Don’t go behind the chair unless you have Clara’s permission.

This is the chair that I sat in for hours every day, reading and rocking Clara when she was a baby.

As I recall, it cost about $19,000. I thought it was crazy at the time, but Elysha insisted that it was necessary. Given the amount of time that we both spent in that chair with Clara, she may have been right.

Now that Clara is older, she sits behind it to read.

Apparently she spent enough time on it as a baby.