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Chester. Not Cheshire.

Last weekend Elysha said she wanted to go to Cheshire for pizza, ice cream, and a visit to a bookstore.

When we arrived in Cheshire, about 45 minutes later, I asked her where she wanted to stop for pizza.
“Otto’s Pizza,” she said.
Otto Pizza is in Chester, CT. Not Cheshire, CT.
She was understandably upset.
When we arrived in Chester, CT about 45 minutes later, she suggested we hit the bookstore first.
“Okay,” I said. “Where?”
“You know…” she said and proceeded to describe the store. But the bookstore that she had described is located in Bethel, CT, about 90 minutes west of Chester, CT.
There is, in fact, no bookstore in Chester, CT.
I sometimes think Elysha married me solely for my navigations skills, and that if GPS had existed back in 2004 (when we were engaged) as it exists today, it might’ve been touch-and-go in terms of getting her to say yes to my proposal.
Either way, it was an interesting day. A memorable day.
Good thing gas prices are so low right now.
For the record, Otto Pizza in Chester is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. Blasphemy from someone who lives so close to New Haven, CT, I know, but it’s true. The ice cream down the street at Honeycone is fantastic, too.
Well worth the drive, especially if you don’t need to travel to Cheshire first.