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Birthday and a book!

Hello friends,

Today is my birthday! 

It’s an exciting day – not so much for my additional trip around the Sun – but because today I get to announce my brand new book:

Stories Sell: Storyworthy Strategies to Build Your Business and Brand

… a guide to using the power of storytelling for success in businesses of all types and sizes, whether you’re an online marketer, advertising professional, salesperson in any field, small business owner, independent contractor, or Fortune 500 executive. Also for those looking to improve their professional lives, advance their careers, or their personal brands. 

With a brilliant foreword written by marketing guru and friend Masha Cresalia.

Want to give me the best birthday present ever?

Please consider preordering the book today. And share it with anyone who might be interested, too! 

Preorders are critical in determining how many books will be printed on the first run, how many books will be placed in bookstores, and how much early attention a book receives. Preorders can be the difference between landing on bestseller lists and missing the list entirely.

If you’d consider preordering the book TODAY – on my birthday – I’d very much appreciate it.

And if you order before the end of February, you’ll also gain access to TWO FREE storytelling workshops.

  • Monday, April 1 at 7:00 PM EST
  • Sunday, April 14 at 11:00 AM EST

Both workshops will feature lessons NEVER BEFORE TAUGHT by me in a workshop. BRAND NEW STORYTELLING STRATEGIES AND TIPS to help you tell the stories that will build your business and brand and tell your friends and family stories that are entertaining, engaging, and unforgettable.

Simply send proof of purchase to, and I’ll include you in the invitation to these workshops. Forward me your email receipt. Take a screenshot of your order. Send me proof that you ordered the book sometime in February, and you’ll be invited to these exclusive, first-time, never-before-seen workshops.  

Curious about the book? Want to know what it’s all about?

Check it out online at your favorite bookstore or read below.

Thanks so much for the enthusiastic support. It means more than you could know!

Stories Sell: Storyworthy Strategies to Build Your Business and Brand

The corporate world is flooded with data: spreadsheets, charts, graphs, and yawn-inducing PowerPoint presentations. But human brains are wired for stories. Stories help us make sense of the world. Stories move us in ways that data can’t, and a well-told story trumps a mountain of facts and figures.

Matthew Dicks has learned the value of storytelling in his career as a novelist, marketing consultant, and award-winning slam storyteller. He’s found that the basic principles of effective storytelling are universal and teachable. In Stories Sell, he applies those principles to business communication, guiding readers to craft stories that connect with audiences — whether a single person or a crowded auditorium.

Jam-packed with examples, Stories Sell reveals the ingredients of a compelling story and then demonstrates how they can be incorporated into persuasive marketing copy, productive face-to-face conversations, and presentations that people actually want to hear (no PowerPoint slides required!). Topics include:

  • The three elements of a winning story: stakes, suspense, and surprise
  • Finding the right narrative structure (and why beginning at the beginning isn’t always the best method)
  • The power of being vulnerable: how admitting your mistakes can build rapport with audiences
  • When and how to use humor
  • Zigging while others zag: making yourself stand out from competitors

Above all, Stories Sell gives readers permission to be themselves, take risks, and make a splash in a sea of corporate blah. Everyday life is filled with meaningful stories if we only approach it with open eyes and open minds. Stories Sell teaches readers to find their voice and share those stories with the world.