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This year’s fifth-grade field day featured a water balloon toss. For a couple of students, it became an opportunity to throw a water balloon at their teacher, which was fine.

A water balloon toss is like the ugly stepsister to a water balloon battle.

But things got a lot more interesting after lunch, when I returned to my classroom and sat down at my desk, only to find two small water balloons on my chair.

One popped, leaving me wet for the duration of the afternoon.

The other did not.

While I admittedly wondered which of my rotten students had perpetrated this prank, my bigger question was this:

How did they acquire two tiny, water-filled balloons? Did a teacher or parent assist them? Or did they somehow find a way to empty the water from previously filled balloons?

I’ve trained my students well, which is to say, they would not tell me anything.