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An app idea you can please steal

Here’s my vision:

I’m driving down Starr Boulevard in my town of Newington, CT. I come to a traffic light and stop. I remove my phone, click on the app, and instantly, I am transmitted information about the name of this street.

  • Why Starr?
  • Why the double R?
  • Is the street named after a person, and if so, who was it, and what did they do to deserve the honor of a street name?

Street names have a purpose. Sometimes a developer simply sticks their name to the street, but more often, there was a reason behind the name. I hate that I can’t always know that reason.

I’ve considered writing a book explaining all the street names of a random town in the United States.

My hometown, perhaps.

Here’s the one problem with my app (and probably my book idea):

I may be the only person who is intensely curious about this topic and desperately wants this information.

So my idea might not be quite as profitable as I was hoping.

But if you love my idea as much as I do and want to build that app, please do so. I’m here, anxiously waiting to use it.