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Charlie and I decided to play Sequence, a complex card game involving strategy and patterns. As we were setting the game up, Charlie found himself holding the two of hearts.

“Give me that card!” I said for no particular reason. “I must have the two of hearts!”

“Never!” he said.

“Are you afraid?” I asked.

So Charlie put the card down in the center of the Sequence board. As I reached for it, he snatched it back.

“So you are afraid,” I said. “Coward!”

“Never!” he said again, and placed the card down a second time,

This time I waited for him to reach for the card. As his hand approached the center of the board, I reached out and tried to smash his hand with my open palm.

The game was on.

“Two of Hearts,” a fusion of “Keep Away” and “Slapsies” went on for 30 raucous, joyous minutes. We couldn’t stop laughing. It was hilarity beyond compare.

We never got around to playing Sequence. Eventually we packed up the board and cards and put the game away.

Will be play an actual game of Sequence again someday?

Absolutely. We like the game a lot.

But will we play “Two of Hearts” again?


Probably sooner than later.

Sometimes the stupidest, most infantile games on the planet are also the most entertaining.