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Paul Gosar is a coward.

Here’s the thing about Congressman Paul Gosar’s recent tweeting of his head on an anime character, killing Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and preparing to attack Joe Biden with swords:

It’s the act of a coward. A small, frightened, pathetic little boy.

Yes, it’s dangerous,. It risks inciting violence against his political opponents. It’s utterly indecent. It’s stupid. It’s infantile.

But it’s also the act of a damn coward.

I think it’s the word Gosar needs to hear the most.


When a grown-ass man embraces and publicizes a cartoon depicting himself as someone with super powers who kills women who disagrees with him, he’s a coward. A whiny, pathetic coward.

Here’s the crazy thing:

If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Paul Gosar somehow fought for real – not in Gosar’s demented fantasy cartoon but in real life – she would likely kick his ass.

Cowards seem to be in abundance these days.

If a Presidential candidate accuses your father of participating in the JFK assassination and calls your wife ugly on national television, then just weeks later you endorse him from President, you’re a damn coward.

If the electrical grid in the state for which you serve as Senator fails, leaving millions of your constituents without power and literally freezing to death, and you fly to Cancun to escape the cold, you’re a damn coward.

Of course, I’m referring to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has done both of these things.

Ted Cruz is also a damn coward. A whiney, pathetic, utterly transactional coward.

When you wound and kill unarmed protesters with an assault weapon, you’re a coward. When you drive your car into protesters, murdering a woman in the process, you’re a coward. When you shoot and kill an unarmed, 17 year old boy who is walking through your Florida neighborhood, you’re a coward.

It’s not difficult to find a coward these days.

Paul Gosar is a lot of things. Most of them are awful and pathetic. Just ask his siblings, who campaigned against him during the election and have repeatedly called for his impeachment.

They know him better than anyone.

There are many words to describe a low life like Paul Gosar, but let’s use the word “coward” whenever it’s warranted. It’s a good word. Accurate and pointed.

Most important, it’s not the kind of word a guy who murders his political opponents in a fictional cartoon universe probably wants to hear.