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Rachel Platten is a popular female soloist who is best known for her anthem Fight Song but also for her almost equally popular I’ll Stand By You.

I like I’ll Stand By You, but I have a serious problem with a specific lyric that ruins the song for me. 

Platten sings:

Oh, truth, I guess truth is what you believe in
And faith, I think faith is helping to reason

No, Rachel. Your definitions of truth and reason suck. They aren’t even close.

In fact, “truth is what you believe in” is one of the biggest problems in our country today. 

Truth is not what you believe in. Truth is verifiable fact. It is fixed and immutable, regardless of what Donald Trump may want you to think..

As many times as Trump may say that his inauguration crowd was historically large or Barack Obama wasn’t born in America or his most recent healthcare bill failed to pass because a GOP Senator was in the hospital, none of these things are truth, even if Trump wants you to believe them.

Even if Trump believes them.

And “faith is helping to reason?” 

No, Rachel. Also not true. Faith is the belief and a trust in something or someone absent verifiable fact. Faith is what you belief in. It a belief in the love of a parent, the bond of friendship, or the existence of a god or gods. 

It has nothing to do with reason. Nothing at all. In fact, if the definitions in her song were reversed and read:

Oh, truth, I guess truth is helping to reason
And faith, I think faith is what you believe in

… this would make sense. Maybe not complete sense, but a lot closer than how Platten sings the song. 

And honestly, I have to wonder:


No producer or fellow musician or audio technician or manager or agent or record executive heard the stupidity in these two lyrics and said, “Hey Rachel, hold on there a minute. I’m not sure if that makes sense. Actually, I know it makes no sense whatsoever.”

I like I’ll Stand By You. I really do. At least until I hear those dumbass definitions.