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Which is funnier? Saturday Night Live? Trump’s response to SNL? Alec Baldwin’s response to Trump?

Follow this timeline, especially if you don’t use Twitter and haven’t seen any of the Donald Trump-Saturday Night Live sparring matches. 

I’m honestly not sure which is funnier:

Saturday Night Live’s weekly skit on our President-elect:

Donald Trump’s inevitable, almost immediate, thin-skinned, sad trombone response to the skit via Twitter:

Alec Baldwin’s eventual and always brilliant response to Trump’s tweet:

All are truly comic gold.

Also, can you believe the world that we live in now? We have a President-elect who watches SNL and then tweets about how they make fun of him.

Does he not know how this show works?

Also, praise be to Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin, and anyone else willing to stand up and call out the ineptitude, dishonesty, immaturity, and ego-driven nature of our President-elect. These are the people who will bind us, make us laugh, make us think, and speak out against an Emperor who wears no clothes for the next four years.  

We need you Alec Baldwin. More than ever.