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A Giants fan enacts a random and nonsensical act of football hatred upon a Patriots fan

I found this in my classroom on Monday morning following the Patriots loss to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship game. 

The balloons, the orange soda, and the poorly sprayed silly string on my chair are the work of a New York Giants fan who cares absolutely nothing for the Broncos.

This person also wore Broncos colors to work that day, which left me wondering:

How self-loathing must a person be to embrace the colors of a football team for which he feels no allegiance and would be rooting against in any other circumstance?

How oddly fixated on the football allegiance of others must a person be in order to spend time and money do something that is completely unrelated to his own team?

How disturbingly affectionate must a person feel about the suffering and disappointment of others to engage in this kind of mean-spirited behavior?

Just imagine how psychologically broken a person must be to go through all this effort when his team had been home for more than three weeks after failing to post a winning record in the regular season.  

It’s slightly reminiscent of Red Sox fans chanting “Yankees suck!” when their team is playing the Minnesota Twins or the Baltimore Orioles.

If you’re directing your chants at a team playing hundreds of miles away while ignoring the opponent in front of you, you have problems.

Perhaps not as unfortunate and odd as the person who filled my room with orange and blue, but close.