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I have never been a huge Star Trek fan. The writers of Star Trek had the entire universe at their fingertips, and yet again and again they placed their characters in places like the Old West, Nazi Germany and the goddamn holodeck.

I don’t want to see cowboys and Germany soldiers. I want to “new life and new civilizations.”

That said, a new web series called Star Trek Continues is impressive.

Star Trek Continues takes up where the original series left off, even creating a vignette that takes place moments after the final scene of “Turnabout Intruder”—the final episode of the original series, a clever way of tying it all together. Two other shorts are available as well. And now they’ve released their first full-length episode: “Pilgrim of Eternity”.

The best thing about this series, and especially this full length episode, is that it’s specifically created to appear as if it were made in the 1960’s. Not only are the sets identical to the original show, but the music, the sound effects and even the makeup and lighting are identical to James T. Kirk’s original Enterprise.

Obviously the actors have changed, but the casting director did a terrific job of finding people who matched their 1960’s counterparts well.

The episode is good enough, and I’m happy to report that Kirk and Spock don’t travel back the the Great Depression in order to solve a mystery, but I had more fun just examining this new piece of film constructed to appear fifty years old.