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The secret to early retirement

According to Gallup’s annual Economy and Personal Finance survey, the average non-retired American now expects to retire at age 67, up from age 63 a decade ago and age 60 in the mid-1990s.
At what age do you expect to retire?

But the secret to early retirement is simple: Work more than one job.

I retired from a five year career in banking in 1996.

I retired from a twelve year career in restaurant management in 1999.

Sometime within the next five years, I will probably retire from a sixteen year career in the DJ business.

Within the next decade, I may choose to retire from a fifteen year career in teaching.

And I have at least three other careers planned for the next three decades, and I will likely retire from each of them at some point.

Retiring is easy. I do it all the time.

But not working at all?

Why would anyone want to even consider such a thing with so many interesting things to do in this world?