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Gratitude journal: More than just babysitters

Tonight I am grateful to my in-laws, who are spending the weekend with my daughter while Elysha and I attend a literary retreat in Vermont.

Had they stuck Clara in front of the television with a bowl of Cheetos for a weekend-long marathon of The Wonder Pets marathon, I would have been grateful, but Barbara and Gerry have planned a weekend for Clara that features:

  1. Old Sturbridge Village, which includes a Meet the Baby Animals exhibit that is sure to knock my daughter’s socks off.
  2. Fish feeding at The Pittsfield Museum
  3. A performance of Thumbelina
  4. Lunch and dinner at some of their favorite dining spots around town

Any child on the planet would be blessed to have Barbara and Gerry as grandparents. I feel so incredibly fortunate that my daughter is the lucky one.   

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