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I watched three movies over the course of the last two days. Here is my brief summation of each film:
Tron Legacy:  Dumb and fun. Kind of like the girl you are willing to date but never get serious with.

The Social Network: You leave the theater wondering if Zuckerberg has Asperger’s Syndrome or is simply a jerk (the last line of the film seems to imply the latter, but it was a stinker of a last line, and I remain unconvinced). You also find yourself wishing that real life dialogue was as bristling and witty as Aaron Sorkin envisions. But that happens with every Sorkin script.

The King’s Speech: The Karate Kid meets speech therapy. I am fairly certain that the real King George VI was not this funny nor this pathetic.

For the record, I thought The Social Network and The King’s Speech were outstanding, and Tron Legacy was a suitable afternoon diversion.