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Two kinds of teachers

I have a theory on teachers:

People become teachers because they loved school and were exceptionally well behaved as children, or they were disappointed by school and behaved poorly.

Those who liked school become teachers of the more traditional variety.  They attempt to re-create their blissful childhood experience for their students.

Those that were disappointed by school and behaved poorly end up as non-traditional teachers, doing everything they can to create an entirely different experience for their students.  These teachers are a riskier bet in terms of effectiveness and can make many parents apprehensive (especially those who loved school and their sweet, traditional teachers), but they also tend to possess a greater upside than those traditional, safe teachers in that they are often better able to harness the energy of difficult students and excite a class.

Which would you want for you child?

I’d take the riskier teacher every time, but I’d also watch him or her like a hawk.