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The next book

As I approach the end of my second book, I find myself looking ahead to my third with great excitement. A couple of days ago, I mentioned some of my ideas to my wife, and over dinner, we hashed out a few specific themes of the next story and a possible protagonist. I like it…

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My actual office

Having mentioned that I have an office that I retreat to on occasion, I thought I’d give you a peek at what it looked like. Surrounded on three sides by five ancient, drafty windows, the room is full of natural light and offers a great view of the backyard and our quiet, little neighborhood.

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My office

A couple of years ago, Elysha bought me a book by Kurt Vonnegut’s widow, Jill Krementz, entitled The Writer’s Desk. The book contains a collection of photographs of the work spaces of well-known authors and a short description of the author’s writing process, written by the author. It’s essentially a glimpse into the offices, studios,…

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