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“Something Missing” making a name for itself

I found a few tidbits of good news regarding Something Missing as I surfed the web and combed through my email today:

First, Something Missing was listed in Goodreads’ July newsletter under their Movers and Shakers heading. A very positive reader’s review of the book was quoted in the newsletter, in addition to a brief synopsis of the book.

If you’d like to become a friend or a fan of my work on Goodreads, you can check out my profile here.

Next, Something Missing was named a New Atlantic Independent Bookseller’s Association Notable Book for July. I have enormous respect and great appreciation for independent booksellers, so this is especially gratifying. We’re arranging visits to several independent bookstores in New England this week, and I look forward to spending time in these stores, meeting readers, and supporting the work of these wonderful booksellers.

Lastly, Alan Lui, a member of the Young Reader’s Advisory Group and a reviewer on, recently reviewed Something Missing, my first review (I think) from someone under eighteen. And his review is terrific. Against the advice of other authors, I’ve been foolish enough to read my Amazon reviews and reviews from places like, and most have been extremely positive. But being a teacher, it was especially rewarding to hear that a kid enjoyed my work as much as Alan did.