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A new start

On Wednesday night, I sent MILO onto my agent. It was both thrilling and a little scary to send the manuscript off like that, and waiting to hear what Taryn thinks is always a little nerve-wracking. So when I went downstairs on Thursday morning and sat down in front of my laptop, I realized that I could no longer work on the manuscript, even though I already had a couple small ideas for revisions.

I had actually close the Word document, the first time I had done this in months.

After fourteen months with Milo, it was an empty feeling.

I sat in front of a blank screen for a moment, cursor flashing, and with nothing left to do, I began writing my next book. I expected to wait a couple weeks, allow some ideas to ferment a bit, but why wait?

It’s working title is THE CHICKEN SHACK. 

I’m off and running and excited all over again.