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The end is in sight

Exciting news. I discovered how my latest book will end. I haven’t reached the last chapter yet, but in wrapping up a crucial chapter late last night, I caught a glimpse of how things might end for Milo.

One moment I was clueless, and the next moment, I was not.

I say might because I’m never sure about anything in a book until the words are on the page. As I’ve said before, there’s no telling where these characters might eventually take me.

But I like the ending as I envisioned last night and hope I can get there with the idea still viable and intact. Until last night, I had no idea how things might turn out for Milo. I had a general direction in which to send him, but as for how things might actually wrap up, I only had the faith that something would eventually come to mind.

I think it finally has. Hooray for the seemingly mindless miracle of storytelling.