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Good week

A couple of days of good news on the book front.

Yesterday my editor informed me that we made a deal with Japanese publisher Random House Kodansha for the publication of Something Missing in Japan.

Just think:

My words were translated into Japanese characters. I must get a hold of a copy once it hits the Japanese bookstores, if only to see what it looks like when written like this.

Also, please note, as Melissa did, that this is a deal with another former enemy of the US.

This evening, I received word that we sold the rights to the audio version of the book to Recorded Books. Being an enormous consumer of audiobooks, I am extremely excited about this news and am left with the obvious question:

Who will be chosen to read the book?

I would imagine that I don’t have much say in this regard, and even if I did, I wouldn’t know where to begin.

Thoughts anyone? Any favorites?