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Inappropriate language

This evening, I attempted to open an Amazon Connect account, which would allow me to link this blog to the Amazon page where Something Missing will be sold. It sounds like a great program. Not only will it link to the blog, but it will list my last three posts right on the Amazon page.

Step 2 of the registration process asks me to choose a name. Naturally, I typed my own name, Matthew Dicks, into the field.

After clicking Continue, I received this message:

ERROR: Your name cannot include inappropriate language.

I called Amazon to resolve the problem, and Kevin, the customer service representative, danced around the issue a bit before saying, “It may be your last name that’s causing the problem sir, as sophomoric as that may sound.”

You think, Kevin?

Long ago, I accepted the reality of my last name, and on the bright side, it certainly toughened me up. But when it costs me time and energy, as it has here, it’s still damn frustrating.

Amusing, too.