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Storyworthy has launched at last.

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my brand new company, Storyworthy, and my very first online course:

Storytelling For Business

If you’re a person looking to tell stories for marketing, branding, advertising, leadership, entrepreneurship, and more, this program is for you. With more than 50 lessons, a workbook filled with exercises, an extensive archive of my stories, and much more, you’ll have access to some of my best lessons, ideas, and strategies – the very same ones that I use when working with small businesses, Fortune 100 companies, nonprofits, advertising agencies, corporate leaders, and more.

The strangest and perhaps most illuminating thing about this new business is this:

I never thought I had anything to say about business. I never imagined that the strategies I used when finding and telling stories could someday help people improve their businesses, increase profits and employee retention, transform their marketing and branding, and more. It was business people who came to me first, asking for my help.

My initial response:

I have nothing to offer you. I tell stories onstage about myself. I wouldn’t know the first thing about helping you with your business.

But business people knew better. They insisted that I could help, and very soon, I discovered that they were correct. So for the past decade, I have grown a consulting business, working with small businesses, fledgling entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and corporations as large as Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Salesforce, and ESPN to improve their communication and so much more through storytelling.

Equally surprising, this business was not initially my idea. Happily and thankfully, someone found my work online and convinced me that my workshops, one-on-one coaching, and almost daily consulting could be translated into an online course and community that people would want and need.

So together we built a team and a company that at last has something to show the world.

Along the way, I built a recording studio in the basement. Purchased recording, sound, and lighting equipment and learned how to use it (and am still learning how to use it). We built a website and platform for customers, designed a workbook to help people as they work their way through the course, and gathered a community of business people who wanted to learn about how storytelling could change their lives and their business.

My team consists of Joey, a Canadien who found and convinced me to join him on this journey.

Lionel, an Israeli who has designed and built the website, platform, and much more.

Kassandra, a Canadien who is managing my social media and had become an expert on my teaching, my beliefs, and my voice.

Kaia, my production manager who does more than you could ever imagine.

I also find it incredible that in today’s world, people from around the globe can gather together to execute a project so seamlessly. Other than Kaia, I’ve never met any of my partners in person, but thanks to technology, we have been able to build this company together in ways that were impossible just ten years ago.

I find myself feeling very grateful today.

Grateful to those early business owners and entrepreneurs who understood – long before me – how storytelling could transform their businesses in meaningful, lasting ways.

Grateful to Joey for finding me, believing in me, and convincing me that this business could work.

Grateful to a team of people who have believed enough in this idea to join me on this journey.

Grateful to be living in a time when I can talk to Lionel in Isreal via Zoom, Kassandra in the UK via WhatsApp, and Joey in Canada via text message all on the same day.

If you’d like to check out my course, go to The first module is free, and for the next few days, the price for the course is a fraction of what it will be soon.

Also, join my Facebook group – Storyworthy: Storytelling for Business and Professionals – to receive free lessons and content regularly.

It was a long road to finally get to this point, and quite honestly, it’s just the beginning. I plan to add and improve upon the content in the course regularly – and you’ll receive continuous access to that new content as I do – as well as build new products in the future for parents, children, teachers, YouTubers, clergy members, and more. We’ll also be adding a place on the platform where I will be teaching lessons about storytelling for business for my customers.

I hope to also build a course on storytelling for healing, which might just be the most important reason of all to be finding and telling stories.

Storytelling, it turns out, can help almost everyone.

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, marketer, advertiser, leader, or a person who simply wants to improve your communication skills in the workplace, this course is for you.

I hope you’ll give it a peek.