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Lunch special

Almost every day of the workweek, my lunch is the same:

A bowl of oatmeal.

Boring? Maybe.

Quick and satisfying? Absolutely.

Lowered my cholesterol by almost 50 points over the course of a year? Yup!

But when I have a field trip, the daily bowl of oatmeal is tossed aside for something far more adventurous.

On Tuesday, this meant:

  • A turkey and cheese sandwich on wheat
  • Grapes
  • A handful of Hersey kisses
  • A sleeve of Pez

Foods chosen because they make me happy but also because they made me the envy of my students.

In the words of one kid:

“It’s the Pez that offends me the most. It’s way over the top.”

Lauding something over children who routinely pester me is indescribably satisfying.