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grin and bare it

A blog by Matthew Dicks

I pity the publisher…

By Matthew Dicks | May 5, 2009

My agent, Taryn, informed me that after my fourth New York Times bestselling book, I’m allowed to write an entirely character-driven novel without any thought or concern for the plot. This makes Taryn the perfect…

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Characters and their names

By Matthew Dicks | May 4, 2009

Last week, a student asked me for a lesson on creating strong characters for his fiction, including tips on how to generate the names of characters as well. I tried my best to answer some…

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Not acting my age

By Matthew Dicks | April 29, 2009

One added benefit of my recent mention in USA Today was the printing of my age, 38. Many of my friends and colleagues thought that this was a misprint, assuming that I was much closer…

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Storytelling on Twitter

By Matthew Dicks | April 27, 2009

For those of you on Twitter, you may be aware of the recent explosion of Twitter stories or novels, sometimes called Twisters, that people are now writing. They are essentially 140-character, self-contained stories, usually amounting…

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Experience counts

By Matthew Dicks | April 24, 2009

My good friend often said that no one can write a decent book before the age of forty. Life experience, he believes, is required to write well. I sold my book at the age of…

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USA Today! Today!

By Matthew Dicks | April 21, 2009

An article appeared in USA Today by Carol Memmott on publishing in trade paperback instead of hardcover, and Something Missing was featured prominently in the piece. Very exciting! My initial instinct was to run out…

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Wyatt of Rockport, Massachusetts

By Matthew Dicks | April 20, 2009

I spent the past week vacationing in Rockport, a seaside town on the north shore of Massachusetts. It’s a delightfully quaint and historic little town, its streets lined with tiny shops, each filled with tons…

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Odd titles

By Matthew Dicks | April 19, 2009

As I attempt to settle on a title for my second novel, I am amused by the discovery that a prize is given out annually to the book with the oddest name. It’s known as…

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By Matthew Dicks | April 17, 2009

Conversation between a three-year-old and me: Three-year-old: Hi. What are you working on? Me:  An questionnaire for my publisher. Three-year-old:  Why? Me: So that my readers can know me better. Three-year-old: Oh. A second later……

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A reader’s guide

By Matthew Dicks | April 15, 2009

Random House has posted a reader’s guide for Something Missing on their site, along with a summary of the book and a couple of blurbs from other authors. As the writer, reading the questions in…

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