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grin and bare it

A blog by Matthew Dicks

The actual book!

By Matthew Dicks | June 29, 2009

A carton of books arrived at my home today. My book! SOMETHING MISSING. The honest-to-goodness version of the book, the same that will be found in bookstores in two weeks. As required by my contract…

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RJ Julia

By Matthew Dicks | June 28, 2009

My wife and I (and Clara, our five-month old daughter) took a trip to Madison, CT, the hometown of RJ Julia, an independent bookstore that has been remarkably supportive of me and my book. It’s…

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Odd business combinations. Again.

By Matthew Dicks | June 27, 2009

In the spirit of odd but perhaps brilliant business combinations, The Spin Cycle Cafe in Newington is a laundromat/bar/restaurant. They advertise dry cleaning beside the lunch specials.  Happy hour alongside wash-dry-fold. I almost wish I…

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Product placement

By Matthew Dicks | June 26, 2009

In reading some of my Amazon reviews (I know I shouldn’t, but they’re still very good), I noticed that two people commented on the specificity to which I wrote about certain brand names in SOMETHING…

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Writer’s Digest feature

By Matthew Dicks | June 22, 2009

An article about me and my book, SOMETHING MISSING, appears in the July/August issue of Writer’s Digest. It’s great. A full-page article that includes a photograph of me (27 pounds heavier than I am today)…

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Odd business combinations

By Matthew Dicks | June 21, 2009

I spent the evening at the Latchis Hotel in Brattleboro, Vermont, at a writing and booksellers’ conference. My publicist arranged the accommodations, so I was not familiar with the hotel when I arrived. It turns…

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

By Matthew Dicks | June 18, 2009

I don’t often recommend books sight unseen, but I saw this book on the NY Times bestseller list (trade paperback) and couldn’t resist immediately purchasing it.  It’s published by Quirk Books, which also sounds right…

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Drippy and syrupy and just plain inexplicable

By Matthew Dicks | June 17, 2009

Being a novelist and an English major, I truly believe that I love books just about as much as a person can, and while I hate to criticize the legitimacy of any written text, but…

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Collection of ideas

By Matthew Dicks | June 16, 2009

I have a very important Word document saved on my desktop which contains ideas for blog posts, a long list of children’s book ideas, notes for a future memoir, a list of quotes that I…

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Best place to think

By Matthew Dicks | June 15, 2009

I can’t explain it, and it might sound a bit cliché, but I make more breakthroughs in my writing while in the shower than anyplace else. Today’s shower yielded an entire restructuring of my current…

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