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Bad signage is bad business

One of my biggest pet peeves is sloppy, stupid signage. This happens when a business adds signage to the signage already provided by their corporate overlords.

I suspect that my feelings come from a decade spent managing McDonald’s restaurants. Whenever we needed a sign to indicate that a restroom was closed due to a plumbing issue or an especially coveted Happy Meal toy had sold out, my boss would insist that the sign look “professional and intentional,” and that standard rubbed off on me.

It makes sense. We’re either serious about our business or we’re not.

Do something well or don’t do it at all.

Aspire to excellence or stay home.

This gas station, for example, would’ve made my boss crazy. It makes me crazy. It makes me never want to return to this gas station ever again.

Perhaps an extreme reaction, but there are a lot of gas stations in the world. Lots of choice. This is exactly why gas stations should be looking to impress at all times.

The competition is oftentimes literally across the street.

This small, hastily written sign on a piece of receipt paper is not impressive.