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On episode #58 of the Speak Up Storytelling podcast, Elysha and I take our show on the road to Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, CT.

Today’s podcast was recorded in front of a group of students who will be spending the week with me, writing, telling stories and learning to podcast. 

In our follow-up segment, we will learn about the storytelling possibilities while competing in the sport of curling, and we will go under the podcasting hood to discuss some of the hopefully occasional imperfections in the editing of our podcast. 



Next I tell a story live to my students.  

Amongst the many things we discuss about that story include:

  1. The importance of listening when searching for new stories

  2. Creating scenes in the minds of the audience

  3. The importance of getting listeners to wonder what is going to happen next (and the ruthlessness that is sometimes applied when you’re not wondering what will happen next)

  4. The “laugh laugh laugh cry” model of storytelling 

  5. Using surprise in order to turn a story

Finally, we answer student questions about telling other people’s stories and why we never invent things that didn’t actually happen when telling our stories.


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