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I made the mature decision.

You know how it goes.

You arrive in Cedar Rapids late because the plane that you were supposed to board in Connecticut was struck by lightning, so rather than going through Chicago, you are re-routed through Charlotte.

When you finally arrive in Cedar Rapids, you’re tired. A lightning strike and a five hour delay in Charlotte has made for a very long day. You arrive in your hotel room, flip on the television, and see that South Park is on.

You watch and laugh.

Another episode comes on. You watch that one, too. Laugh some more.

Then another. “Hey, it’s a South Park marathon. Maybe I’ll watch another and get some of this mindless business done.”

Five hours later, I’m still watching South Park. It’s approaching 4:00 AM, and I need to decide if I’m going to sleep for two or three hours of just stay up all night.

Tough decision.

I sleep.

Even when Elysha Dicks isn’t around, I’m perfectly capable of making the mature decision.