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My daughter didn’t see a commercial until she was almost three years old. Though we thought this moratorium was a good idea, it turns out that she is now completely susceptible to advertising.

She’s once asked Elysha what stain remover she uses and was dissatisfied with the answer.


She still doesn’t watch very much commercial television, but when she does, she wants just about everything that she sees on the commercials (though thankfully she doesn’t seem to form any lasting attachments to any of it yet).

But it’s not all bad.

Today she saw a commercial for Chuck E. Cheese. I braced for the request. It didn’t come.


I got curious. I thought for sure that she would enchanted with the images presented on the television.  “Do you think we should go to Chuck E. Cheese someday?” I asked.

“Someday,” she said. “But the kids in that commercial are all look older than me, so it must be a place for big kids.”

That commercial just spared me at least a year of Chuck E. Cheese visits.

Advertising isn’t all bad.