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Tell me everything? I’d rather you stick a fork in my eye.

Is this a difference between men and women or just a difference between me and my wife?

Elysha gets on the phone with a pregnant friend who is living out of state and says, “Okay, tell me everything.”

I consider these to be three of the most frightening words in the English language.

Conversely, my phone rings. I look to see who is calling. It is my nearest and dearest friend. Someone I genuinely enjoy taking to. Someone who I have not seen in a month. Someone who I actually need to speak with. 

And at the moment I have absolutely nothing to do. I am sitting on a blanket in the middle of a field with twenty minutes to kill. No book. No computer. Not even a pad and pen.  

Nevertheless, I let the call go to voicemail and hope that if my friend chooses to leave me a message (and I hope he doesn’t), it is 15 seconds or less.

Is this a man thing, or is it just me?