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I was rooting through old short stories, poems and other miscellany on my hard drive when I came across a five-entry diary that I began in March of 2004. This was the month that my wife and I began dating.
I’ve kept a journal off-and-on for most of my life, and I have a bunch of hand-written ones stacked in a drawer in my desk. This is the first and only one I can recall writing with a keyboard.

Three of the entries mention my future wife, and oddly enough, the diary ends on the evening that Elysha and I unofficially-officially began dating.

I got busy after that, I guess.

Here are the three entries that mention Elysha.

March 12, 2004

Tonight at the Talent Show, Chloe poured oatmeal over my head to end a skit that I had written for us. Chloe may have cancer. God I hope not.

Dinner with Elysha. That girl is great.

Late. Bed.

March 21, 2004

Met Elysha and friends at Trumbull Café. Later we went to The Red Plate for pizza. Good time. Paul, a guy sitting next to her, hit on Elysha at the bar, but he never asked for her number. What a dummy. Elysha called me around 2:00 AM and we chatted for an hour. Asked me about my religion.  Very interesting.  Just love talking to that girl.

March 22, 2004

Going to Coaches tomorrow night to watch the Lady Huskies. Elysha will be there. I’m excited.

Elysha didn’t call tonight. Was hoping she would.

No spread of cancer for Chloe. Hooray!