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My next novel, The Other Mother, publishes on January 12. It was originally slated to publish in the fall of 2019, but the pandemic set things back a bit.

If you’d like to assist me in my quest for literary world domination – or perhaps just help The Other Mother find its way into the hands of more readers – might you find it within your soul to preorder?

Preorders are enormously helpful in terms of helping to publicize a book, increase order size, etc.

Happily, the reviews have been very positive this far.

Publisher’s Weekly says (among other things):

“Dicks’s bighearted, generous novel makes a strong case for empathy and for forgiveness—both toward others and toward oneself.”

Booklist says:

“Dicks nails Michael’s inner thoughts and dialogue, and his portrayals of his relationships (with his siblings and the psychologist in particular) are refreshingly sweet.”

You can preorder the book wherever you get books, but might I suggest your local independent bookstore? Staffed with book lovers and literary experts, these shops need us now more than ever.

Call or jump onto their website and preorder today!