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If Facebook had any sense, it would temporarily filter out certain photos on their Facebook Memories feature.

Specifically those that depict me performing in crowded theaters, cheering in packed sports stadiums, instructing large audiences at universities, and the like.

No, Facebook, I don’t need to see myself standing on a stage in New York City.

No, Facebook, I don’t need to see photos of Elysha and me at a Broadway show.

No, Facebook, I don’t need to see myself cheering with my buddy from my seats at Gillette Stadium.

No, Facebook, I don’t even want to see photos of my family eating inside a crowded restaurant.

I may be an oppressive optimist who spends much of his time bolstering the spirits of those around him, but even I have  my limits. These photos of large, social gatherings in pre-pandemic times do nothing to inspire me.

And if I – a relentless cheer-monger – doesn’t like seeing them, just imagine how most people feel when they pop in in their feed.

Perhaps a little algorithm tweaking, Facebook overlords? At least until we’re on the other side of this damn pandemic.