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I spotted this sign at the wedding of my former student a couple weeks ago, sitting atop the bar.

I love it so much. Designed by the same couple who advised guests in their wedding invitation to respond by a certain date or plan to bring a chair and a sandwich, this is the perfect demonstration of sending a message in a way that is both creative, amusing, and direct.

They sent a clear message to their guests while also providing the guests who didn’t need this reminder with a bit of amusement.


It’s also the signal of a couple who isn’t taking their wedding day too seriously. These are people who want to have fun on their big day.

I also love the design of the sign, the choices of fonts, and of course the use of the word “shenanigans.”

We really should use that word more often.

I feel the same way about the words rumpus, obstreperous, caterwaul, bacchanalian, ballyhoo, opprobrium, and higgledy-piggledy.

I could go on.