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I’m on the stupid bulletin board

I was standing in a local bagel shop with Clara yesterday. We had just left a doctor’s appointment, and I was getting Clara some breakfast before driving her back to school.

“I’m going to look at the bulletin board,” Clara said, stepping out of line, gesturing to a large board filled with community announcements. “Hold my place in line.”

“Wait,” I said. “I’m not even getting a bagel. I don’t even know what you want. Get back here.”

“Cinamon sugar with cream cheese,” she said. “Just wait there. I like looking at these boards.”

“Stop looking at the stupid board and get back here!”

She ignored me and stepped over to the board. A moment later, I repeated myself. “Stop looking at the stupid board and get over here.”

“Hey, Dad,” she said. “You’re on this stupid board.”

I didn’t believe her, of course, but she insisted. So I stepped over to look and found myself staring at myself.

On June 3, I’ll perform an hour of storytelling and comedy at the Flagg Road United Church of Christ in West Hartford.

Apparently, they are advertising the event. In the bagel shop, and probably other places, too.

If you live locally, you should come. Tickets are just $5, and every penny goes to support the church.

Call (860) 523-0121 or email to reserve your seats. Include your name, contact information, and number of tickets requested.

Seating is limited. 

I stepped back into the bagel line, and the man behind, who saw and heard the whole thing, said, “I’ll bet that was pretty weird for you. Huh?”

I nodded.

“It was pretty weird for me, too,” he said.