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I can’t explain it, but watching this video makes me so sad.
Watching someone with so much life ahead of him, knowing that it has now come to an end. That it was always going to come to an end. That his life had one singular direction. Straight into the grave.

davy jones
Knowing that the men off-camera who are speaking to Jones are probably dead, too. That every item in that office; the desk – the pictures on the walls, the arm chair, the curtains, the telephone – no longer exist. And being reminded that the objects that we treasure will someday, much sooner than we think, become valueless and cease to exist as well.

It saddens me to look at someone with so much future ahead of him and be reminded about how time inexorably grinds away at everything. To see such vitality and hope ruined by death, and to know that the people and things that populate my life will someday cease to exist as well, and then, eventually, will be forgotten as this world is replaced by another.

All that from a one minute audition video.

What is wrong with me?